Friday, December 21, 2007

9 weeks, 5 days-Merry Christmas!

I had my final U/S with Dr. L at the Fertility Clinic last Friday. Things are still looking good, the babies were swimming away & their heartbeats were excellent according the U/S Tech & Dr. L. I asked her when I can stop being nervous & she said, "when they go off to College". Great, that's helpful! :)
She said to be sure & let my OB know that I am high risk considering my height of 4'11, she said shorter people with little feet have a higher chance of preterm labor. I am now down to 1 Estrace per day & still on 1cc of Progesterone, I had another blood draw this morning, the nurse should call me this afternoon to let me know if anything should change.
I kind of had a little meltdown yesterday & was crying all morning uncontrollably, I don't know what my problem was. I called my NP & she said to just come in & she would do a quick check on the babies to make sure they were O.K. & they were. Two more weeks & I will be at 12 weeks, yahoo! It can't come fast enough!!!

Merry Christmas!

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Stephanie said...

So glad things are progressing well. Only a few more weeks and you will make it to the feeling good 2nd trimester. How have you been feeling? Any sickness?