Tuesday, January 8, 2008

12 weeks - 2 days!

Not much new to report. My last Dr's appointment was on New Year's Eve & the NP tried to listen to the heartbeats with the Doppler, but had trouble finding them, saw the look of terror on my face & brought in the U/S machine. The babies were fine, moving all around with strong heartbeats, she thought maybe the placentas were in front, but said the OB would try again at my next appointment on the 15th. I'm still nervous, I keep telling myself after my next appointment I will feel better, I feel great for a few days, then the worry starts to creep in again. My bosses are interviewing candidates for my job, so that the new person can shadow me for a few months before I go on leave & that makes me nervous too. I keep thinking what if something happens again, I won't have any babies or a job. My Husband keeps telling me to relax, everything will be fine. I sure hope he's right! Hang in there babies.
Took my last PIO shot last night & am done with the Estrace & baby aspirin. The Nurse told me, "you are on your own kiddo"! Holy Crap, this might actually work out.


Stephanie said...

Yahoo you made it through your first trimester!! It is so hard to worry, but before you know it you will be feeling the babies move and that will your reassurance!

Rebecca said...

So glad that things are going well...everything sounds great!

Tam said...

So glad that things are still going well, I truly hope that 2008 brings you loads of happines!