Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Watch it with that thing!

Today's Ultra Sound went well, my follicles were 8-9 mm, Mrs. Nurse said they should be to 10-11 mm by Friday, so we will know more then. A little painful today when the Ultra Sound tech was in there waving her magic wand around. I thought to myself, Good Lord, is she trying to remove one of my ovaries, or did she operate a jack hammer in her previous life. All kidding aside, the staff at CRM has been wonderful, I think I am just a little cranky today. It could also be the large painful tumor that has emerged on my chin, I couldn't stop staring at it in the mirror last night. It's tainting this beautiful work of art that I call my face. :)
We were selling back some books to a bookstore on Sunday & found the most hilarious book on Infertility. It was very witty & kept me laughing for the afternoon. One chapter in the book was on statistics & it said that 1 in 10 women will suffer from Infertility. My Husband turned to me & said, "I knew it, I had to marry the 1 in 10". Thanks Honey, I love you too. I sent him an e-mail the next day at work & signed it, Love, The 1 in 10.
For those of you who don't know me, I am only 5 Feet tall (stretching it). My Husband seems to be a bit concerned that if we have a girl she will be as short as me. In the car on the way to the Ultra Sound this morning, he said, "If we have a girl, we should probably get her in immediately for that bone stretching procedure we saw on TLC, don't you think"? How about we just work on getting a baby, any baby, in the belly for starters.

I'll keep you posted on Friday's Ultra Sound...In the meantime, Go, Go Gadget Eggs!!

Monday, January 29, 2007


I guess you could say I am somewhat on the IVF homestretch now...thank you Jesus! I am on my last week of stims, had some blood work done this morning & have two more Ultra Sounds this week. By Friday we should get to see how many little eggs we have in there. Thank God they are taking these things out on Monday, my ovaries feel like giant cantalopes. The Husband was giving me my shots this morning & was like, "Sweet Jesus, what the Hell is it"? My belly is quite disgusting right now, bloated with lots of bruising. We have taken to calling it "Planet Pooch"...It's kind of like it's own life form.
I must admit this no booze thing has been a little challenging on my social life. I think my friends are startled when they see me at a function without a cocktail in my hand...It's like all is not right with the Universe. I'll just stick to living vicariously through my co-workers, hearing about their random hook-ups & smelling their boozy breath on occasion.
I've been feeling slightly less bitter about the whole infertility thing this week, but probably just because there is hope with IVF. If it doesn't work I might just need to be committed, or seek refuge somewhere tropical & drown my sorrow in a fat margarita...We shall see, the saga continues!

Yummy, yummy, yummy, here's to a big fat baby in my tummy!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

IVF 101

Today is day 12 of Lupron shots, so far so good. I had my first Ultra Sound on Tuesday & the nurse said she was looking for everything to be quiet on the ovary front & it was, so thank goodness for that. I think my Husband gets a little nervous when we go in for the Ultra Sounds, sometimes he says inappropriate things, which I find amusing, but sometimes the nurse doesn't find as funny. He says things like, "So, anything in there, Doc"? & "Come here often"? God Bless him, if it gets me to shoot snot out of my nose & not think about the large wand up my vag, then who cares what they think.
I start my stims tomorrow, so that will be 3 shots a day. It's not so bad actually, the only disconcerting thing is the bald man (The Husband) running around my kitchen in the morning screaming, "stab, stab, stab"! I have 2 more Ultra Sounds next week, so I will keep you posted. I really hope this works, we gave up a 5 year anniversary trip to Tahiti swimming with the sharks for these little embryo's.
Here's to all of us keeping our sanity while enduring this Hell we call Infertility.

Till tomorrow.......................

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Very First Post

Here goes nothing....

My Hunky Husband & I have been married for 4 years now & have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for 3 1/2 of those 4 years. After numerous Dr.'s visits, 4 cycles of chlomid, some cysts, Stage 4 Endometriosis & one Fallopian tube removed later, here we are. We finally saw an RE in June of last year and are now in the middle of our first IVF cycle.
I thought it might be theraputic for me to spew my guts on here rather than the alternative, which was downing too many glasses of wine & crying inappropriately at social functions. Yes, welcome to the world of Infertility people. If you can relate, I feel for you. I think 8 out of my 10 friends are either pregnant right now, or just had a baby. I kind of feel like God hates me right now, why doesn't he just strike me down with a bolt of lightening and get it over with already...Jeez.
If one more person tells me to "just relax", or "be content with God's plan", I am going to scream. People, I am missing a tube, the other one is most likely blocked & I have severe Endometriosis. I don't think relaxing is going to work in this scenario, but miracles do happen, because I have heard that one also. I wish people would just say, "gosh, that really sucks & I am sorry you have to go through this", it's not hard & it makes me feel a hell of alot better.
This post might seem a bit crabby, but it feels good to get things off my chest...Thanks for listening. It would be nice to make some friends who can relate to my circumstances.

Tomorrow's Episode...IVF 101