Thursday, January 25, 2007

IVF 101

Today is day 12 of Lupron shots, so far so good. I had my first Ultra Sound on Tuesday & the nurse said she was looking for everything to be quiet on the ovary front & it was, so thank goodness for that. I think my Husband gets a little nervous when we go in for the Ultra Sounds, sometimes he says inappropriate things, which I find amusing, but sometimes the nurse doesn't find as funny. He says things like, "So, anything in there, Doc"? & "Come here often"? God Bless him, if it gets me to shoot snot out of my nose & not think about the large wand up my vag, then who cares what they think.
I start my stims tomorrow, so that will be 3 shots a day. It's not so bad actually, the only disconcerting thing is the bald man (The Husband) running around my kitchen in the morning screaming, "stab, stab, stab"! I have 2 more Ultra Sounds next week, so I will keep you posted. I really hope this works, we gave up a 5 year anniversary trip to Tahiti swimming with the sharks for these little embryo's.
Here's to all of us keeping our sanity while enduring this Hell we call Infertility.

Till tomorrow.......................

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