Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Watch it with that thing!

Today's Ultra Sound went well, my follicles were 8-9 mm, Mrs. Nurse said they should be to 10-11 mm by Friday, so we will know more then. A little painful today when the Ultra Sound tech was in there waving her magic wand around. I thought to myself, Good Lord, is she trying to remove one of my ovaries, or did she operate a jack hammer in her previous life. All kidding aside, the staff at CRM has been wonderful, I think I am just a little cranky today. It could also be the large painful tumor that has emerged on my chin, I couldn't stop staring at it in the mirror last night. It's tainting this beautiful work of art that I call my face. :)
We were selling back some books to a bookstore on Sunday & found the most hilarious book on Infertility. It was very witty & kept me laughing for the afternoon. One chapter in the book was on statistics & it said that 1 in 10 women will suffer from Infertility. My Husband turned to me & said, "I knew it, I had to marry the 1 in 10". Thanks Honey, I love you too. I sent him an e-mail the next day at work & signed it, Love, The 1 in 10.
For those of you who don't know me, I am only 5 Feet tall (stretching it). My Husband seems to be a bit concerned that if we have a girl she will be as short as me. In the car on the way to the Ultra Sound this morning, he said, "If we have a girl, we should probably get her in immediately for that bone stretching procedure we saw on TLC, don't you think"? How about we just work on getting a baby, any baby, in the belly for starters.

I'll keep you posted on Friday's Ultra Sound...In the meantime, Go, Go Gadget Eggs!!


Steph....meow said...

Hello! I am enjoying your play by plays! I can't wait to hear exciting news soon! I known things will work out for you....I'll probably cry with tears of joy because I am so anxious for you. I can't wait to hear what happens on Friday!

Stephanie said...

your hubby is so funny! it is nice that you guys can laugh together through this process.
I agree that the CRM staff is good, except when I went in on the weekend once. I don't know if the B u/s team was there or what but it was the only painful u/s i have gotten there. I thought it was because my ovaries were so big from all those jucy follicles, but when I went in the next day (Monday)for yet another u/s it didn't hurt at all.

Baby Blues said...

1 out of 10. That makes us very special. :)