Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beautiful Day--15 weeks, 1day!

Today is simply beautiful here in MN, sunny & 86 degrees, yahoo!!! All the grass is green now, the trees are full & all the flowers are blooming, I love this time of year. I planted my basil & dill in their pots, got my flowers out on the deck & life is good right now. The townhouse was put on the market Monday & we had a showing last night, one tonight & we have an open house on Saturday. We have a purchase agreement on a new house contingent upon selling ours, & we love it, so hoping our house sells!!
We got a letter in the mail with the results from the Perinatal Clinic, Down Syndrome is 1:10,000, & the Trisomy's are 1:9,450. Glad to get that news! Now if we can just get good news about the amniotic fluid when we go back for our U/S next Friday, I will finally be able to relax!! :) I am hoping & praying that things are looking up.
I booked a ticket to visit my best friend in Atlanta, GA for the end of June. I am so excited!!! We always have the best time whenever I visit. Normally we drink ourselves into a coma, so will have to find something else to do this time!! :) Will shop at the Outlet Malls, relax with books outside, & cook fabulous meals!! I can't wait.
In other news, My Husband bought a motorcycle two weeks ago. He got one of those Harley Sportster something or others. He is in love! He will sometimes just go into the garage start it, & rev it up just to listen to it, God help us........He's a Freak, but I love him!! :)


Carol said...

yay for 15 weeks! That's great news about your test results!

Bumble said...

Wow Jen! 15 weeks already, so awesome!! Great test results too, I'll be hoping madly that the last hurdle passes by smoothly at your next scan! x

Heather said...

Happy VERY FIRST Mother's Day, Freak! Hope your hubby did something nice for you!