Thursday, February 8, 2007

Plentiful Harvest!!

The Egg Retrieval went very well yesterday, the Dr. was able to retrieve 18 eggs...I am so thankful for that. He exclaimed, "My, you have a good crop". My Husband & I had a good laugh about that one. Where do they come up with this stuff? :) The staff at the clinic was awesome & made the whole process go very smoothly. We are supposed to get a call from the Embryologist tomorrow to let us know how the fertilization is coming along. The Husband keeps saying, "I've got a 90% penetration rate...never fear, my swimmers will get the job done". Thanks Babe!! :)
The Dr. is hoping for a 5 day transfer, so most likely the procedure will be on Monday, providing that things go well. The Dr. also informed me that "Planet Pooch" will not be shrinking anytime in the near future. He said it won't shrink until after we are all done with everything. Oh well, PP has kind of become part of our family now.

I'm starting to get a little more nervous now that everything is in motion. I feel like bursting into tears one minute & flashes of hope the next. It's like the plan that we had for our life isn't working out the way we imagined & I also feel bad for my Husband, that he might never have biological children because of me. At this point in my life, I just can't imagine a life without children, but I know many people do it & they live happy lives. I just hope I can be content no matter what happens & not let the "Green Demon", that is jealousy, rear it's ugly head on my friends that have children, or are pregnant. It makes me feel like a bad, crappy person. I need to keep reminding myself that I have a wonderful Husband, awesome friends, the Best Friend in the world (thanks Steph M.), cute kitties & an all around great life.
I will keep everyone posted, I appreciate all the kind words & prayers from everyone. I couldn't ask for better friends!! :)


Carol said...

Congrats on your retrieval. I hope you get a good fertilization report tomorrow!

And welcome to the blogging world.

Stephanie said...

Glad your retrieval went well. That is a great harvest!! Can't wait to hear how the super sperm did!

Bumble said...

You're so positive and I'm sure you will get your little one. It sounds like the retrieval went wonderfully, you have a great batch of aggs. I'll be hoping for an excellent fertilization report for you!

Baby Blues said...

I have visits from the "Green Monster" too and I hate how I am when he shows up.

Sounds like a good harvest! Hang in there. I'll be checking on you and hoping that things work out.