Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can I Get Off This Ride??

Dr. L called with todays results, 554, is the magic number folks. She said she would like to see the number over 1,000 by this point, so she is not that happy. She said it could be a viable pregnancy, a non-viable pregnancy or a tubal pregnancy. Hmmm....I would go with viable if I had a say! She said to remain neutral, but she is hoping for the best. U/S & blood draw scheduled for next Thursday afternoon. Dah, dah, dah!!!!
Does anyone want to add their two cents on this one?? I'm kind of freaked, because all the other BFP have numbers way, way, way over mine. Yikes, how am I supposed to remain neutral until next Thursday. To top it off, I can't even drink for God's sake!! :)

If anyone wants to send me happy thoughts, prayers, words of encouragement, a trip to Bora Bora, or a new BMW, I would gladly accept.
With all this crapping my pants lately, I'm going to have to go out & buy some new undies.

p.s. Can I just add how crappy it would be if this was a tubal pregnancy, considering I only have my right tube left. God, did you hear that??


Bumble said...

How nervewracking Jen! BUT! It HAS doubled though, isn't that the most important thing??? Shit girl, you are in my prayers and hopes and I just want a happy ending for you! Hang in there okay! x

Carol said...

gosh, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. They really have to make you wait a whole week for an u/s? That's pure torture.

But for what it's worth, sorry for the assvice - but my opinion is that your doctor is being a bit alarmist. I guess maybe she's just being cautious, but seems like she's freaking you out for no reason. The doubling time between your friday and monday was 33 hours, and from monday to wednesday was 44 hours - both of which are excellent. And your levels, while on the low end of the range, aren't off the charts. If you look at, you'll see what I mean - they have lots of betas in your range.

I agree there is reason for caution - a low beta can be a possible indication of a non-viable pregnancy (this in fact did happen to me) - but it is not a definitive answer, and there are lots of people with low initial betas and successful pregnancies. I think this may be the reason that some clinics don't give you the betas at all - because it just stresses you out unnecessarily.

Hang in there. I will definitely be sending you happy thoughts.

Baby Blues said...

I can't afford to send a BMW or an all expense paid vacation because I may need to save up for IVF too. But you're definitely in my prayers. I'm hoping everything works out for the best! Hang in there and know that we're just here keeping vigil.

Hopeful Mother said...

Still hoping that all is well for you and your bean(s).

I agree with Carol - beta numbers are never everything - the ultrasound will tell you the real answer.

Sending positive thoughts your way to make it until next Thursday without having to buy any new undies. :-)

Susan said...

So so so many positive and hopeful thoughts coming your way! Brace yourself for the impact.