Thursday, March 29, 2007

Note to self....

Do not try to make friendly with the Clinic Phlebotomist. Transcript from today's blood draw:

Me: "You look tan, did you go on vacation"?
Woman holding needle: "No".
Me: "Are you going on vacation"?
Woman holding needle: "Yes".
Me: "Where are you going, someplace warm"?
Woman holding needle: "Mexico".
Me: "Wow, that sounds awesome, I hope you have a wonderful time"!
Woman holding needle: "Yes".
Me: "Enjoy yourself"!
Woman holding needle: "You are done, thank you".

Wow, that was the most exciting conversation I've had in a long time. Apparently women with needles in hand aren't the best conversationalists, or maybe they are told not to fraternize with the enemy.
It's still rainy here today, boo-hoo. Here's to hoping April showers bring May flowers!!


Carol said...

she sounds about as friendly as my ultrasound tech yesterday.

I hope you get good news from your blood test and your u/s tomorrow.

Hopeful Mother said...

Will be thinking of you tomorrow, and hoping for good news!